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No streaming for me tonight, I'm sorry about that :( I've got to get some work things done before Wednesday, so I'll probably stream this weekend instead :) I'll keep y'all updated!
Flower Crown Fatal by Xedramon
Flower Crown Fatal
Inspired by the drawing this lovely person did of several Sanses with flower crowns!

Gosh I love Fatal_Error way too much.
a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter 1 - Part 3-1 by Xedramon
a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter 1 - Part 3-1
Start from the beginning HERE!

* Previous

Knowing the artist will update this comic with the next page as soon as she can fills you with DETERMINATION!


(just as a heads up, this is the first half of this update, and I'll update the second half later this week - I'm testing out a new update schedule so that there will be smaller, but weekly, updates)

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belongs to TheCrayonQueen! The concept for this AU and the non cannon parts of Fatal_Error's design/story belong to me :)

Feel free to follow the Fatal_Error blog on tumblr!:…
Livestream happening now!

I'm gonna work on the Underfell fangame comic. I probably won't be too chatty, I've got a lot to get done, but come on in and hang out if you like :)
Just as a heads up: I'm gonna stream TOMORROW, not tonight!

I've got a lot of stuff to get together before I have to go back to work (teachers don't want to go back, either T^T) so I'm gonna use tonight to get stuff done, and I'll stream some time tomorrow :) See ya'll then!


has a big hole in her world
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I've got a million ideas but can never really capture them all ^^; I'm a dreamer with big plans, and I won't rest until I've seen them through. :)
Hello there! I don't know if the people who used to watch me still watch me anymore. It's been such a long time that I wouldn't be surprised if people forgot about me, and that's okay.

It's been a really, really long time since I've posted much of anything. I checked - the last thing I posted before posting my current ID was from 2014, haha. And it was the dumb prank thing, so I guess I haven't officially added anything since 2013.

I think I really stopped uploading once I got to college. I had been at college from Fall 2011 to Spring 2015, when I graduated. Over those four years, a lot had happened and a lot had changed about me and my world. I was an animation major, and I think having art assignments shoved down my throat really discouraged me from doing personal work. I used to work at my school's bookstore, and I would sometimes draw requests for customers, if they asked for it with their books. I drew things for my friends. I took a few team-based game development classes and had to crank out art for our projects. Looking back on it, I should have continued my personal work as an outlet to keep hold of who I was. Instead I decided to just put it aside and deal with it later. But when you do that, you feel your intentions changing and your motivation waning.

I found myself dreaming a lot. About the things I'd do and the art I'd make, and justifying it with 'someday'.

And I realized that for someone who 'will deal with it later' someday will never come. I'm still working out some things, and I'm still reconciling some issues. Like feeling like I'm not good enough. Dealing with the pressure of competition. Seeking out my own motivation instead of seeking it from others.

I'm not where I wanted to be, and while I know that's okay, it doesn't truly feel okay because of the expectations I've put on myself. I'm dealing with making my dreams a reality, and the path is harder to follow than I thought, but I know I'll get there if I stay determined. I know I will.

So I'm going to clean up my DA, pull it together, and do what I used to love doing most: making art. :)

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Your welcome and it's ture I'm not really an undertale fan but your comic is pretty good so it's about sans and error right?
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